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“Transportation Information Communication Technology

Communications today is an environment of adaptation to new realities, new demands and new business models. Network operators must now deliver the life-blood of commerce, as well as the entertainment, collaboration, and interactions that are the foundation of society. In a world where the time it takes for a new idea to become a new application is ever-shrinking, networks must evolve very fast.

PT. Jaya Teknik Indonesia is an answer of best quality and high performance services for customers. Starting to provide goods and services which covering a wide range of industry including Information Communication Technology, we are here to provide the best, the latest, and the widest services to fulfill the customers needs.”

Staf Engineer


  • Lulusan Sarjana (S1) dari jurusan IT dengan IPK minimal 3,00 (skala 4,00)
  • Fresh Graduate
  • Pria, usia maksimal 30 tahun
  • Mampu berbahasa Inggris secara aktif dan pasif.
  • Penempatan di Jakarta